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Lil Durk - Still Trappin feat. King Von (Music Video)

Lil Durk shared on YouTube the music video for Still Trappin, a collaboration with the late King Von. The collaboration was released on January 6, 2020, and already has more than 2.8 views on the video sharing platform. 

Still Trappin 'video does not offer us the touching roundup of unpublished archive images, photos and videos that we are used to in these cases. Lil Durk decided to show us 3 minutes of him watching the NBA in his studio, smoking, singing: in short, still trappin '.

Let's take a step back. Still Trappin 'is one of the songs from The Voice, Lil Durk's most recent album, released last December 23, with the collaboration of King Von. In the project there are many tributes and references to Von (Chicago artist who died in November, following a shooting), a fellow citizen and friend of Durk. To understand, on the day of the album's release in Lil Durk's Spotify profile, the single Still Trappin 'was featured in the "latest release" spot and not the entire album it was part of.

Lil Durk has always said - also demonstrating it in facts - that he wanted to honor Von's name and memory. “I wish I was there to watch your back v.ROY but I know you watching mine,” he wrote in his most recent Instagram post. In the video we see him wearing a jacket with the stylized face of Dayvon on the back and in the last frames we see a crown: an explicit homage to the pseudonym of an artist who has chosen to call himself "king".

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